Routed Connection to the Internet

Routed connection to the Internet

This scenario describes a small office or home office (SOHO) network that connects to the Internet by using a routed connection.

A SOHO network has the following characteristics:

  • One network segment.
  • A single protocol: TCP/IP.
  • Demand-dial or dedicated-link connections to the Internet service provider (ISP).

The following illustration shows an example of a SOHO network.

SOHO networkThe server running Routing and Remote Access is configured with a network adapter for the media that is used in the home network (for example, Ethernet) and an ISDN adapter or an analog modem. You can use a leased line or other permanent connection technologies, such as xDSL and cable modems, but this scenario describes the more typical configuration that uses a dial-up link to a local ISP.


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