NHRP server

NHRP is an ARP-like protocol that allows Next Hop Clients (NHCs ) to dynamically register with Next Hop Servers (NHSs). This allows the NHCs to join the NBMA network without configuration changes on the NHSs, especially in cases where the NHC has a dynamic physical IP address or is behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) router that dynamically changes the physical IP address. In these cases it would be impossible to preconfigure the logical virtual private network (VPN IP) to physical (NBMA IP) mapping for the NHC on the NHS. This function is called NHRP registration

Source: CISCO

NHRP by netcraftsmen.net

NHRP Commands


NHRP packet authentication method and NHRP server

An authentication method in an NHRP (Next Hop Resolution Protocol) for performing an address resolution for converting a network layer address in an NBMA (Non-broadcast, Multi-access) network to a datalink layer address. The method comprises steps of: providing an NHRP server for performing an address resolution which has a plurality of interfaces belonging to respective sub-networks, maintaining authentication keys and authentication types respectively allocated to the interfaces in the NHRP server; authenticating an NHRP packet received from one of the interfaces by using the authentication key allocated to the interface which receives the NHRP packet; and discarding the NHRP packet in case of authentication being unauthorized. The method is capable of setting for each domain a mode for redirecting an NHRP (Next Hop Resolution Protocol) packet when authentication types between LIS (Logical IP Subnet, IP: Internet Protocol) are different and a mode for when an NHRP packet is…

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