How IVPN Encryption Works

IVPN uses various encryption protocols so that the data cannot be intercepted in transit. You connect to the server provided by the company, not directly to the server you’re getting information off of. For example, if you were in a nation where Internet traffic is censored and wanted to read a US or UK newspaper site without being blocked, you could connect to the IVPN server, get the newspaper through that server and read it without any of the content being censored.
The encryption is an additional feature that prevents your traffic from being intercepted and decoded by snoopers. The encryption basically encodes every piece of data in a way that makes it indecipherable to anything except your computer and the server you’re getting it from. In this way, intercepted traffic cannot be read and, more importantly, the destination and origination present no red flags for anyone watching. Oftentimes, the traffic is routed over innocuous ports that don’t attract any attention.


What is IVPN

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